Recycling Station

Recycling Stations are sorting centers: spaces for voluntary or encouraged delivery of recyclable materials, often operated by Waste Pickers Cooperatives. In this place, people learn about the different types of materials and its potential for recyclability, as well as the importance of its cleanliness and separation. They begin reflecting on their choices of consumption, noting that there are materials of low or no absorption by local chain of recycling. From these centers, materials are sorted and separated by type of ‘bales’ (blocks of pure or poorly mixed material), ready for recycling.

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Eco-equivalence is the translation of complex pieces of information into data that can be understood and offer a sense of greatness to people. It is the combination of several factors of impact measures converted into the equivalent CO2emission, used as unit of measurement.

See here the example of Eco-Equivalences with one of our main clients in Latin America: Sodimac.

Materials we collect

Colored Glass

Colored Glass bottles and packages

Transparent glass

Transparent glass bottles and packages

Other Metals

Cans, metal lids


Beverage cans and canning


Packaging of cosmetics, dairy products and cleaning products

Rigid PE

Packaging of shampoo, detergents, dairy products and cleaning products

Flexible PE

Plastic bags

Colored PET

Bottles for beverages, cake trays and fruit packaging

Transparent PET

Bottles for beverages, cake trays and fruit packaging

Long-Life Packaging

Long-life packaging of milk, sauces, creams, juices and canning

Magazines and newspapers

Magazines and newspapers


Corrugated boxes, packaging boxes, paper cylinders

Other Papers

Mixed colored printing paper

White paper

White paper with or without black ink

*If any material you have is not received at the point you are attending, please let us know at what point you are receiving that particular type of material.